Myriam Females Christ

Female Christ is first and foremost, an artistic and experimental project. As we do not necessarily want to recreate the reality due to historical purposes, after all this is simply a message which must prevail. When you see the suffering and the agony of a woman on the cross, you also see her weakness, sensitivity, fragility, sensuality, courage and even her beauty! This is a one of a kind message despite our difference.
We also hope to provide you with a glimpse of women’s attribute not only physically but also morally by our short films and pictures. According to Female Christ, women are not only different but they are equal to men. We are well aware some people will disagree with our philosophy or our visions. Perhaps this may upset some viewers as they will see a woman in the role of Jesus. Nevertheless, in today’s modern world, women are taking more of a stand in society by carrying on men occupations, even political leader ship. We think it is about time to change the traditions, conventions and our views. The Christ in his own way tried to teach us a new perspective on life, new way of thinking and a brazen way to challenge the establishment of his time and society. Unfortunately the world, in which he lived, was not ready for this kind of change. However, we certainly can learn from his teaching even if his death was a huge loss for all humanity.

  • A Young Girl Carrying The Cross

  • The Young Girl Crucifixion

  • The Last Two Nails